So I had some Pineapple (Mmmmm! and thanks MtMP!). Nice and very pineappley!  I went to my local shop, but no Pineapple… However, Pineapple Jack… Hmmmm….. I thought to myself, “WWMtMPD (What Would MtMP Do)?,” and I decided to go for it. “After all, you only live stop by the shop once a week.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t wait to get home to let MtMP know of my acquisition, and he proceeded to pressure me into sampling and reporting on my findings, like right away.  Somewhere between the parking lot and the back aisle of Freddies, I texted that the taste was pleasant and citrusy (especially compared to the ATF I’d recently been sampling), but that it wasn’t nearly as pineappely as Pineapple.

Well, PJ provided a really nice high – calming, but not at all overwhelming. I bet you could even operate heavy machinery write an essay if you felt like it. When I finally polished off the cartridge a couple of days later, I decided to try Cherry Pie for variety.  Kinda cherry, but not as cherry as Pineapple is pineappley.  Nice daytime high again, but when I (inevitably) emptied the cartridge, I turned again to PJ for a refill.

This time, I noted that the high PJ delivered was really comfortable, I mean really. What’s the limit on cartridges per day?