This is technically not about scotch but I’m going to tag it anyway.  Also, I’m not the connoisseur that our man Jimmy is so this will be more about the experience than how smokey or peaty it tasted.

I had the opportunity to go to a charity event at Woodinville Whiskey last night.  We arrived early and were not allowed to enter so we headed over to the adjacent Hollywood Tavern.  The Tavern was packed but we were still able to get a table in the bar.  They seemed to have a good selection on the menu.  We didn’t eat at the tavern but they catered the event so I’ll talk about that below.  After a beer and wine, we headed over to the Woodinville Whiskey building for the event.

WW is pretty much a large warehouse that has a tasting room on the side.  They have a loft area in the middle of the warehouse that was used for the event. It was a pretty cool space.  The loft had a huge door that was open and an outdoor area so we could watch the normal Seattle May showers.  Overall, I would give it a thumbs up as a place to host an event.  Wonder if we can permit a whiskey and weed tasting event.

As I mentioned, the food was catered by the Hollywood Tavern.  They had a great selection of what they called heavy appetizers.  Stuff like chicken skewers, mac and cheese, pork sliders, etc.  I thought the food was great but my wife thought it was a little on the spicy side.   If she thinks it’s spicy, then it’s normal for most people.

During the event we were able to sample the bourbon, rye and vodka they produce on site.  I thought all were pretty good.  For me, the rye had a better flavor and was smoother than the bourbon.  The vodka was also easy to drink neat.  The vodka had a flavor to it that I couldn’t place but it was tasty.

I would definitely check them out if you’re in the area wine tasting.