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Random thoughts on spirits, weed, and other stuff that comes to mind


Jimmy Pot Head

While no one (least of all Jimmy) recalls his true origin, Jimmy has friends who swear he kinda just appeared, pretty much fully grown and really much reeking of ganga. Never truly in grasp of what he did yesterday or what he might have planned for tomorrow, Jimmy has dedicated his waking hours to scientific study of scotch, weed, the combination of the two, and their overall effects on, you guessed it, Jimmy. Very introspective stuff, but he does it to himself for others. Because he wants to share. The stuff he learns. If he writes it down during or just after it happens. He wants to share regardless, but if he waits any longer, all bets are off.

Matt the Magic Puffer

Bio to follow

The Happy Princess

Bio to follow

Doc V.net

Bio to follow

Y’all ‘er in Trouble Now

Bio to follow

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